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Sheldon's Metalphoto Plaque Prices

Metalphoto® is a durable, photosensitive, anodized aluminum product in which the images are sealed into a sapphire hard layer resulting in a 25-year plus resistance to a broad variety of challenging environments, including high temperatures, long term outdoor exposure to ultraviolet rays, salt spray and most chemicals.
The photographic properties of metalphoto provide for exceptional detail and fine line reproduction of graphics, designs and photographs. Anything that can be photographed can be faithfully and permanently reproduced onto metalphoto®.
Ideal for short runs or one-of-a-kind items, this versatile product can be used for reproductions of:

* Newspaper and Magazine Articles
* Diplomas (great for multiple offices)
* Awards & Recognition (logos, signatures & photos)
* Signs (outdoor, garden, tree & building dedications)
* Photographs on Cemetery Markers
* Pen & Ink Drawings
* Patents (grant page or drawings)
* Photographs for Permanent Remembrances
* Wedding Announcements (the perfect gift)
* Lawsuit Settlement Checks 
* Personal Letters, Including Handwritten
* Anniversaries (Wedding photo along with current photo)
* Contracts
* Pet Tags
* Nametags (With logos) pin back, clasp or magnetic
* Personalized Thank You Gifts 
* Business Card Reproduction Tie Clips

7 metalphoto items

                 ... and hundreds of other items that can be photographed.
                           We're only limited by your imagination! 

Sheldon's not only specializes in the production of Metalphoto® plates but also in the preparation,
design, layout and typesetting of your everlasting remembrance. Magazine and newspaper articles
can be converted to even column lengths, widths and the inclusion of a masthead and photo.
Photos can be cropped, resized or replaced thus providing a visually well balanced appearance.

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